Circle 8 for iPhone

Sunriver, Oregon -- outdoor activity playground in summer and in winter. Renowned for beautiful blue skies, great weather, traffic circles, and 30+ miles of bike paths. For those who venture out onto those paths, the questions quickly become: Where am I? And how do I get to the pool/lodge/store/coffee shop?

Circle 8 for iOS and Android answers these questions by providing you with a detailed map of the Sunriver area including attractions, bike paths, and your current location. Search for your destination, peruse the endless array of bike paths, find your current location inside (or outside) Sunriver, and plan your ride or walk. You can even email Circle 8 support directly from the app with questions or feedback.

(Note that the bike paths displayed in the app were created using GPS traces. Consequently, they should not be expected to be as accurate as properly surveyed maps. But they'll certainly do the job for finding your way around Sunriver.)

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